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Mindfulness Workshop Western Sydney University, December 2021

"What a fantastic session today with Peter Bliss!
The topic was timely and a great addition to our informal end of year event.

Peter's style is engaging, warm, light-hearted and a balanced blend of information, engagement, and interactive fun.
I know the caliber of this session added to the overall success of our day.

Thank you for your presence and skill, Peter Bliss."

Western Sydney University 

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, Online Webinar, June 2021

"I did attend Peter’s session – it was amazing.

Very educational, practical, insightful and thought provoking.

A lot of staff have let me know it was great, including the CEO.


He had some handouts that we worked through during the session and sent a great summary afterwards.


Chana Eisman, Employee Capacity Building & Wellbeing Lead, SCIA

CEO Institute, December 2020

  • Insightful, eye opening and confronting

  • Terrific and timely content. Well delivered

  • Very relevant and interesting. Good practical tips

  • Very relevant as a key topic personally and teams

  • Good speaker, good content

  • Very engaging and interactive


"Thank you once again for your involvement in The CEO Institute Speaking Program."

Tania Agliozzo, Member Services Manager NSW, The CEO Institute

University of South Australia, Online Webinar, September 2020

"We engaged Peter based on a recommendation from a staff member in UniSA Business and we are so glad we did. Peter’s ‘Don’t Expect to Stay Calm – Stay Connected’ session was perfectly timed to support our staff going through Covid-19 lockdown and working from home. We had an unprecedented number of registrations (160+) and the evaluations spoke volumes of the support people felt they received from Peter. We continued to engage Peter for an additional four sessions in response to this great feedback and demand for more Mindfulness in an easy to digest online format. I personally have also learnt a lot from Peter, having come from a Mindfulness sceptic to being a daily practitioner!

Here’s some of what our participants had to say:

“Thanks for the timely mental health focused session during these work at home times. I value opportunities to learn how to and remind myself to look after myself, manage stress, and techniques to help juggle a large work and home load.” – Don’t Expect to Stay Calm – Stay Connected

“This is my favourite session I have undertaken. Perfect amount of information, delivered clearly and interestingly. Practical techniques that are easy to incorporate in to everyday life. Excellent presenter and presentation” – Mindfulness & Resiliency


“I really enjoy Peters sessions. his knowledge and delivery make for a good learning experience” – Mindfulness & Values – Part 1

Sarah Hardy, Administrative Officer: Talent & Organisational Development, UNISA

The Pharmaceutical  Society of Australia, Online Webinar, October 2020

"Peter was great! He approached the entire thing differently to any other mental health seminar we have had here at PSA. He explained the science about it all which was an eye opener for most of our participants. We would enjoy Peter again if we were to have another seminar."

Sam, HR Advisor,  PSA

MEA Evolve, Keynote Speech, April 2019

"Thank you so very much! You have no idea how that 30 minute talk really changed my perception."

Eliza Hoddinott, Events Manager, The Sydney Boulevard Hotel

​Mindfulness Workshop, SGCH, Feb 2019 
  • "Totally recommend all staff to attend."

  • "Enlightening."

  • "Speaker was very engaging. The topics were amazing. Had a few light bulb moments."

  • "What I learned from today's session is something that I will use for the rest of my life."

  • "Fan bloody tastic."

  • "This will help me improve my thoughts, for work and myself."

  • “The most I have ever been engaged in a workshop.” 

Team members at St George Community Housing

"Not only is Peter extremely personable and able to relate to people at all levels, his presentation style and manner put even the most reticent of people at ease.
I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Sophie Seivers, Westpac

"Thank you for creating a welcoming, supportive and inclusive space to learn and share. It was inspiring and refreshing to be in your presence with my work mates."

Sophie P., Associate Director, Planning Ingenuity

Mindfulness Workshop, The CEO Institute, Feb 2019

 “Excellent – informative - well paced”

Team member The CEO Institute

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, Online Webinar, August 2020

"Please accept our sincere appreciation for the stimulating webinar that you conducted for our Employee Wellness Week. Your willingness to share your time and expertise in the area of mental health was important to the success of this event. It was extremely informative, and the participation illustrated the importance of this topic to our staff.


Since we are in the midst of this pandemic, your comments were very timely. I believe we can benefit immediately from the methods you suggested. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and we hope to use your suggestions in our pursuit of wellness. Your comments were especially helpful to those working from home.


Once again, thanks very much for your participation in our Employee Wellness Week. 

Joyce Chan, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad

MEA Evolve, Keynote Speech, April 2019

"The session was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it – to finally understand the science behind the stress response and how I can actually manage it, is life changing for me.


Your session was the first time I ever managed to do both - managing my attention and remaining in the moment with your voice. I was managing some high pressure work situations at the conference so I was thrilled that I was able to engage properly with the meditation and feel truly calm afterward.


Thank you Peter – your session has made a fundamental impact on my life and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet you and learn from you."

Harriet Calverley, Events Officer, The University of Western Australia

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