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Bliss in Japan

Coming again in 2024!

Spend 7 days walking with me through the spectacular ancient pilgrimage route of the Kumano Kodo forest and mountain world heritage listed region of Wakayama. Relax in a natural volcanic hot spring bath each afternoon after our walk.


Explore exotic Kyoto and sublime Koyasan and immerse yourself in the culture of Japan. Take a morning meditation at a Zen temple, be introduced to a special tea ceremony, take an intimate backstage tour of the unique Noh Theatre and much more...


Learn a repertoire of life-changing Mindfulness techniques from me as we enjoy 12 days together in this remarkable country.


For 1200 years the isolated Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route has been an experience of healing and deep connection in the lush mountains of Wakayama — the spiritual heartland of Japan. Stretching across the Kii Peninsula on the island of Honshu, this pilgrimage takes us off the beaten track into a world of stunning scenery, soothing hot springs, delicious food and authentic Ryokan accommodation. 


We will be walking along the Way to the 3 Grand Shrines through tiny villages, along pristine mountain trails shrouded by 800 year old giant trees enjoying the abundance of nature in its autumn glow ~ truly the land of the Gods. 


There are only two UNESCO World Heritage walks in the world - Kumano Kodo is one (the other being Camino).


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