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Peter Bliss is a welcome addition to any conference, business event or in-house training program. An engaging and dynamic keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, Peter incorporates the techniques of Mindfulness, Qigong, and meditation to offer thoughtful and practical insights on a range of issues, including:

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Peter Bliss Corporate mindfulness workshop
24-7 Queensland's Sunshine Coast is maki

Now companies such as Google, Facebook and Nike are embracing ‘Mindful Leadership’ as a way to unleash productivity, performance and innovation.


Peter has been teaching Mindfulness for almost 20 years with a range of techniques, including Mindful Listening, Mindful Conversations, Journaling, breathwork, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation. Choose from short 90-minute practical workshops to tailored weekly sessions for corporates and individuals.

Focus and engagement


Poor attention skills can negatively affect every aspect of our lives. It makes us procrastinate and become frustrated with our abilities. Learn simple tools that can dramatically improve concentration and engagement – and deliver success in spades.

Improving productivity


Often, productivity improvements are made, not by focusing on the big things, but on the seemingly trivial. Peter works with companies at all levels to maximise employee engagement and help individuals discover meaning in their work.

Peter is also an experienced Demartini Method facilitator and licensed Demartini Values facilitator who can offer a tailored program for businesses interested in helping their executives become more engaged and effective in their careers.


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