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Find out about the latest and upcoming workshops and masterclasses.

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Mindfulness Mastery Workshop 
 In this class, unwind, have fun, engage and experience mindfulness through gaining a repertoire of techniques - meditation, breathing, Qigong and Tai Chi techniques. In addition, you will learn the 7 keys to mastering mindfulness and receive a take-home CD for continued practice.
This class will suit both beginners and regular practitioners offering a quick and easy way to gain the numerous benefits of mindfulness. 
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Demartini Method Transformation Experience Workshop 

Do you have experiences that burden you, stress you or emotionally overwhelm you?

Are you physically exhausted from the strain that comes from internal and external conflict? Are you faced with challenges and adversities that run your life?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, I would love you to join me in a Demartini Method Transformation Experience Workshop.

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Design your own workshop
Peter offers a range of workshop themes and styles to suit both individuals
and corporate clients.


For the time-pressed, a simple one or two-hour wellness “time-out” session
fits easily into a regular workday, or as part of a conference or ‘away day’.
An excellent way to refresh the mind for the afternoon’s challenges. For
a more comprehensive program, Peter can also arrange half to one and
two-day sessions.


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