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Executive Woman's Speaker Retreat

Are you a senior leader required to speak in public? Do you often feel there's not enough time to prepare?  Perhaps you're worried your style may be a bit boring and you wish you had the confidence to take it up a notch. What if we could help you tackle the fear of speaking and reduce the time it takes to prepare?


Like many professional women, you speak regularly to groups, but don't really enjoy it.  You find it hard to focus and properly prepare because you're too busy doing your day job. Naturally, you want to inspire and engage your audience when you speak - and organisations absolutely want their leaders to have influence and impact. 


Surely you owe it to yourself to be the best speaker you can be!

The Executive Women's Speaker Retreat is an intensive 3-day experience totally focused on bringing out the more engaging, confident speaker in you.


You already know being able to articulate yourself well is to be seen as confident.  People will notice you and believe in you.  That confidence emerges when you really nail your personal style and presence. 


Book now to make that happen!



Here are your facilitators:
















Lynne Schinella


Lynne has studied acting and presentation at NIDA and completed programs at the Matt Church Thought Leaders Business School. She is also a teacher of speakers who is called on to coach C-level executives for critical business presentations and keynote speeches.Her speaking invitations put her in front of audiences of all types all over the world. Lynne presents to Boards, to executive committees, at business workshops and to hundreds of delegates at corporate conferences. Her clients include IAG, Volkswagen, the Department of Immigration, Bunnings Group and Tourism Australia. 

Peter Bliss


Peter is an international keynote speaker and executive coach, an accredited Demartini facilitator who has been helping the corporate world for over 10 years. He is best described as a life change facilitator. Using a range of techniques based on ancient philosophies, combined with the latest in neuroplasticity and epigenetic science based research and his own corporate experience, Peter helps both individuals and businesses gain focus, clarity and direction. During this retreat he'll be working with us on mindfulness - to become authentic & empowered when we speak, and to overcome anxiety and stress.

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