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Motivational Coaches

Is a business or life coach's job to motivate you to get things done? To an extent yes with a focus on the important things. Although I truly believe that long term motivation comes from within and is in fact what’s called inspiration so comes not from external influences. A good coach helps you believe in yourself and your own abilities. A good coach helps you believe that you’re on the right track and that you’re heading in the right direction. A good coach helps you realize your full potential and helps you uncover the key behaviours that will drive you or your business in the direction that you decide you want it to go. Inspiration is intrinsic (internal) and a good coach knows this so helps you find what will inspire you long term. If you continually need external motivational (extrinsic) external factors to get you going then you’re going to always need pushing and prodding and will end up most likely in frustration, procrastination and hesitation. A good coach knows the difference.

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