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25 Hot Tips for Reaching Business and Life Goals: Part Eight

2 Learn to Meditate

There is an amazing story told about Buddha who was once asked “what have you gained through meditation?” He answered “Nothing at all” “So what good is it?” he was asked and he replied, “Let me tell you what I have lost in meditation: sickness, depression, anger, insecurity, the burden of age, and the fear of death” I could add many more things that I personally have lost since last century when I started being a “closet meditator.” Not physical things but mental barriers and fears that I had which were stopping me achieving what I really wanted.

To quote Lily Allen, singer song writer of the song The Fear – “I’m been taken over by The Fear.” I remember when I left school I had no idea what I wanted to do. So yes I went to Uni and I set goals and started working but I never really sensed that I was doing what I was meant to be doing – my real purpose. With what I have learnt now having practiced various forms of meditation for over twenty years I realized that I didn’t know what I wanted because I didn’t have the clarity of thought, I was continually distracted – for years and years – and I didn’t even realize it!! I am now much more content, less reactive, less irritable and my sense of choice, self respect and self mastery has increased radically. Even a modest regular practice of meditation can be astonishingly beneficial. What we do when we meditate is we are cultivating our capacity to really engage in the world in a much more enriching and alive way. We learn to step back from our distracting thoughts and see them for what they are – often fears and often negative self doubt. Many, many studies have been done on the benefits of meditation. To quote one “the secret to optimal performance is to keep the mind focused but the body completely relaxed – completely loose”. The singer Pink asks in her hit song “Sober”…….”How do I feel this good sober?” My answer is meditation.

Tested benefits of meditation include slowing your breathing, lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress and tension and giving you an experience of inner stillness and stability not easily available in other ways. No matter what industry you work in these are all things worth while pursuing I think and all available to anybody who practices regularly.

I am a totally different person for having experienced this for myself. I’m also a better business owner, a better father, a better partner, a better listener, a better friend, a better lover, a better son, a better brother – I’m more often the real me.

Meditation can only be learned through practice and direct experience and can be learned in 2 -3 hours by a good teacher. You have to make yourself available to it and if you do what it gives back is transformative in giving you clarity and direction. And now for my number one tip. The thing that has kept me going and that I do every day –

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