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Love is all around.

When I think back on my sister Di Bliss's suicide over 4 years ago now in Perth, I have a very different and more informed view of my own grief and on suicide and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety in general...

I also can see that my initial reaction to her very public suicide (which was played out in the media for days, and months afterwards) was effecting everything I did every day. I really struggled in those first few months and because of Di's profile I was asked to speak and comment about about her death on live national radio, on live television, on the front page of national newspapers, at public events on stage and at large charity and fundraising events.

My grief was obvious for all to see in all those instances. Di was buried in Perth 4 years ago but finally now after much red tape (and a very long story - maybe a book down the track) we laid her to rest earlier this year on mum's 87th birthday (with mum there) in Sydney where my father is also at rest at Northern Suburbs Crematorium. When I think of Di now I have nothing but love and gratitude in my heart for her and I want to thank everyone of my friends and particularly the Demartini community who have helped me transform my own life (and stuff) since her death..

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