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25 Hot Tips for Reaching Business and Life Goals: Part Five

This issue Peter continues his countdown to the number one strategy for reaching your goals.

5 Put Your Mental Health First

Spend some time on this daily. In the western world in particular we spend many minutes and hours even sometimes obsessing over both our physical appearance and wellbeing and our diet and food intake. I’m not suggesting that this can’t be healthy if it’s balanced but I’ve noticed that this is what many people focus on only – physical appearance, exercise and diet. They ignore their mental health and wellbeing. They’re all connected sure, and if we have a good diet and exercise regime our mental health will also improve. I believe we have the focus arse about. Why not put the focus on mental health daily first and then you’ll automatically make sensible choices about food and exercise as a result and your physical appearance will also improve. Do you know how long you can survive without food? It depends on a few things but typically between 2 to 3 weeks at least. Do you know how long you can survive without water? In the wilderness no more than 3 days. Do you know how long you can survive without oxygen and without air? Probably no more than 3 minutes for the average person!! Which leads me to tip number 4……..

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