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Top Tip 1 of my 25 to 1 Countdown for Reaching Business and Life Goals

1. Change Your Perception Through Mindfulness

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” Max Planck, Physicist, Nobel Prize winner, originator of quantum theory

“It’s not what happens to you that matters it how you perceive things and how you react to things that matter” William James, Philosopher, Psychologist, Physician, the first man to teach Psychology, often referred to as the Father of Modern Psychology

"When you’re present the problems melt” Dr John Demartini

I’m not perfect by long shot but I’m much more content and fulfilled than I‘ve ever been. I’m also much more relaxed and comfortable with myself. I’ve learnt a range of techniques that result in mindfulness and my perception of life and things is much more balanced than it ever was. These techniques include Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga and the Demartini Method and I practice them every day and also teach them as part of my business with individuals and in the corporate world.

If we perceive more support than challenge we activate one side of our autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic side, and our brain responds by producing certain chemicals and thus influences our physiology. Imbalanced perception, imbalanced physiology.

If we perceive more challenge than support we activate the other side of our autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic side, and our brain responds by producing a different set of chemicals and this also influences our physiology. Imbalanced perception, imbalanced physiology.

In other words our perceptions and awareness of what is really going on, what we pay attention to, and what we are thinking about is creating our reality.

It is possible to let go of any past “perceived” emotional baggage and events in your life by changing your perception of those events.

Mindfulness is not another “to do” to add to your never ending long list of things you think will be good for you – it is available right now, you already have it within you.

The “science” is now overwhelming in favour of this. Neuroplasticity and epigenetics (Dr Norman Doidge and Dr Bruce Lipton with brilliant books like The Brain That Changes Itself, The Brains way of Healing and The Biology of Belief) confirm this.

As Dr John Demartini puts it we have a choice “be a master of your destiny or a victim of your history”

Mindfulness allows you to respond rather than react. Everything is richer when you’re present. Your experience of this moment right now is profoundly influenced by where you are paying attention right now.

“Mindfulness is not about getting someplace else, but rather being fully where you already are and realizing the power of your full presence and awareness right now, in this moment” Chade Meng Tan, Google engineer and author of Search Inside Yourself.


Peter is available for individual, group and workplace coaching, workshops and conference or meeting sessions – and teaches both Meditation & Qigong, and the Demartini Method.

Peter welcome your feedback and comments and is best contacted on mobile 0417 221 903 or email

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