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The Business Coaching Boom

Welcome to my first ever blog post. After 10 years in business I’ve just launched a new look website and I’ll be regularly posting all sorts of interesting tips and stories to do with a range of topics that interest me and hopefully you including Coaching, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Work/Life Balance, Mindfulness and Mastering all areas of your life.

Today I want to look at Business Coaching and why it’s still a booming business. What is the reason behind the rise in business and life coaching?

Most people – no matter what their job is or what level they’re at – often want someone who has the ability to really listen and understand what they are going through. Someone who can be a sounding board for ideas. Someone who can give honest advice and feedback. Someone who can give direction and focus. Someone who can cut through all the crap and drama and get to the real important issues. Someone who’s been there before. And most people are willing to pay for this advice in a fair exchange.

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