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What Inspires You?

I was inspired by Joe last week

Jon has Cerebral Palsy

He is in a wheelchair with very restricted physical movement and very slow speech and was one of many like this in my audience last week up in Newcastle when I presented to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance

When I spoke on Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values in Newcastle I learnt quite a bit about Jon in particular because he was quite vocal throughout my presentation. They had all completed a 4 page “Demartini Determine Your Values” questionnaire and some found it very challenging because they had never been asked these questions before. These relatively simple 13 questions expose you to some home-truths about what you want to do in life and what you are actually doing.

As a Licensed Demartini Values facilitator, I use this tool to help my clients discover their core values and whether their actions are out of alignment with their purpose.

Jon is about 20, he’s finished school and his vision is to complete law at University (which he’s started) and then become a Human Right’s lawyer.

His clarity, determination and focus inspired me and everyone else in the room because it made me realise that our own thinking is the limiting factor whilst working towards a vision, and not any perceived disability

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to a total of about 200 delegates who attended 7 different seminars/workshops in the last two weeks. My audience was varied - from 60 senior managers at a global company to 30 employees at a Shire Council in Sydney’s north to 50 counsellors at a western Sydney not for profit organisation and the work that many of them do is very challenging, yet inspiring

What inspires you?

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