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25 Hot Tips for Reaching Business and Life Goals: Part One

This week I start a countdown from 25 towards the no. 1 thing that I've learnt in business (and life) which I guarantee will help you be more productive, increase your daily work performance, improve your attitude and help you feel more fulfilled and be healthier in general.

Here are tips 25-21:

25. Get to work 2 hours earlier at least once every week

If you normally get in at 9am each day try starting at 7am once in a while and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!! And then spend time on the important priorities. Mix up your routine a bit – you know what someone wise once said? “You can’t solve your current problems using the same thinking you used to create them”.

24. Eat breakfast every day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as far as I am concerned. My favourite breakfast is oats, nuts, yoghurt, fruit, and some times wholemeal toast, poached eggs and mushrooms. Make sure each day you have some protein to kick-start your brain. At the same time the least important meal is the one at night. You don’t need a big meal (or energy) just before you are going to bed. A lighter, smaller meal at this time will be better for your sleep, your weight and your health.

23. Listen twice as much as you talk

We have two ears and one mouth. This is a good reminder to listen (mindfully) twice as much as you talk. Whether it be to your boss, to colleagues, to customers on the phone or to your partner. Challenge yourself. The golden rule of building strong and lasting relationships is to become a good listener.

22. Get over it – move on – let go!!

Many people (including the old me) spend minutes, hours, days, weeks even, stewing, worrying, being guilty, procrastinating, wasting time and not being productive by not letting go of the past. It’s gone. You can’t change it. There’s nothing you can do to alter it. Learn from it and move forward. Let Go. If you have some really big “emotional baggage” or blockages that you can’t seem to “let go” of you might need to “Demartini” it or take up a “mindfulness practice”

21. PPT – Personal Preparation Time

Either at the very start of each day or at the end of each day spend some time alone to redo your to do list. Re-evaluate your priorities. Work out what the important things are that you should be spending your time doing. Reflect, check in with what is going on for you today – 10 minutes maximum.

More tips next week...

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